Lowepro Whistler 450AW - How I choose a backpack for Olympus

Lowepro Whistler 450AW - How I choose a backpack for Olympus

After changing the system to Olympus, which took place last week (Nikon's current technology is on sale), I also decided to change my backpack as the current Lowepro Pro Trekker 450AW is now unnecessarily big and I also wanted a backpack to fit phototechnics and a classic "cargo" in the form of a jacket, raincoat, long trousers, or just shirts and underwear when I decide to go somewhere for the weekend.

I've already picked up from the proven Lowepro brand, where my backpack never failed, I did not think anything would allow it to burst, even though I wore 19kg of gears every weekend and beyond.
Immediately I fell into the eye of the Lowepro Whistler 350AW (I think the orange caught me :-)), which is resistant to water, snow and other natural influences (still a backpack somewhere war on the ground). I also liked the fact that the whole "photo tray" on which the access is over the back can be removed and, if necessary, the backpack can be used as a classic backpack. Also, you can dump a dron or just a weekly travel outfit instead of the camera, when you do not need the photo. There is therefore no need to have two backpacks.
So I went to see him at the Olympus brand store where, among other things, they offer all the Lowepro assortment. When I took Olympus with me, it was unfortunately Lowepro Whistler 350AW small in terms of lenses and accessories I chose and so I reached for his big brother Lowepro Whistler 450AW.
I'm comfortable with my photographic equipment, which currently includes the Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II + Battery Grip HLD-9, ZUIKO 300mm f4 PRO lenses, 40-150mm f2.8 PRO and 7-14mm f2.8 PRO. I also have an external flashlight Olympus FL-900R, a 1.4x teleconverter MC-14, a 4x spare battery, a pharmacy I have learned to wear absolutely everywhere, remote trigger and other things such as cards, filters etc. At the time I would like to buy another a body that I then put in place of a pharmacy, or I can rewrite it all, quickly and easily, thanks to the variable bars that you'll find in every photocell.
As soon as I picked him up, I tested my last weekend. I took my clothes on Friday for the whole weekend, which included 2 pants, 3 t-shirts, socks, underwear, sweatshirt, poncho, laptop chargers, camera, JBL bluetooth speaker, handkerchief, etc. and everything went well into the top and front pockets. The front pocket of the Whistler 450AW, which covers the entire front of the backpack, has the advantage that thanks to the second zip can be doubled to double the size and so well into it all the above mentioned ... The bag contains piles of straps and handles to which from snowboard to skiing or any other equipment.
The front pocket itself is waterproof and separated by a waterproof bar from the pocket to the fountain, and at the bottom is a drain hole, so when you, for example, get wet, you can change your clothes and put the wet rags in your front pocket so you have to worry, that water or humidity gets on the camera ...
The backpack is water resistant and even in case of very bad weather the top pocket is placed on the backpack ...
The backs are well padded, the straps and the loin are wide enough and comfortable so that all day wear (I tried on Sunday at the Courses in Dvůr Králové) does not make the man even the slightest problem.
It's a short-term experience, but I think I can recommend Whistler or Pro Trekker (who passed the annual test with me) with a quiet conscience.



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