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Photographic technology is not a cheap thing these days. People usually save for several years and then we all want it to last as long as possible. One of the possibilities how to make your equipment last longer is protection with neoprene covers or rain cover, which can be used on objectives and also camera bodies …  

There are tons of photos of animals on the internet. But only a small part of them are sightly and even smaller part of them are such photos, where we could say „WOW“, this is awesome… There are several reasons for that such as bad exposure, no know-how about SLR cameras or bad light conditions. Let’s speak about those flaws.

Setting the mode aperture priority (Av, A) or time (Tv, S) and how it works. It’s not necessary to take photos on manual mode and do not take small talks, such as “pro takes photos on manual mode only”, so seriously, it’s not just about photographing mode, but it also depends on how you can compose, expose and the main objective is the overall photo result and its quality. 

Nowadays almost every second person has a SLR camera. Usually we go and buy it in some kind of “convenient” set, possibly in a set with basic lens and second lens that has bigger focal length so we can cover the photo from a panorama to a running dog. But what if we decide to buy another lens later on, we enter the shop but we are not able to choose, according to all of the parameters mentioned, lens that will be suitable for us? Learn more in following article….

After changing the system to Olympus, which took place last week (Nikon's current technology is on sale), I also decided to change my backpack as the current Lowepro Pro Trekker 450AW is now unnecessarily big and I also wanted a backpack to fit phototechnics and a classic "cargo" in the form of a jacket, raincoat, long trousers, or just shirts and underwear when I decide to go somewhere for the weekend.

It has been a month and a bit since I have decided to switch from Nikon to OM-D system by Olympus, and to be more specific, model OM-D E-M1 Mark II. And what I have observed so far? 




I’ve been organizing courses of animal photographing in Czech Zoo’s, where you can learn to handle your DSLR camera quickly and effectively. You can also learn what’s incorrect composition, what should you beware of and the fact that it’s worth waiting for the right moment.


You do not like courses with a lot of people? Do you have specific requirements for a course? Do you want intensive attention for the whole day? I offer you individual photography courses and photo postproductioning in Photoshop or Zoner.


Photoshop is an equivalent for dark room, there won’t be such a photography level without postproduction, to make a photo publishable except for reporting photo.  


Do you have a dog, a cat or a horse and you would like to have their professional photos? I am offering you photography of your pets anywhere in the Czech Republic. Do not hesitate to contact me.