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The most favourite social network nowadays is Facebook. Unfortunately this social network does not think about photographers. Photo resolution is being compacted and its sharpness quality is being significantly worsened.

Before printing each photo, it is necessary to make some adjustments so that the photos on the paper correspond to the colour of the photo that we can see on the screen, we have to sharpen it as well as save it in the correct format.

What is it aperture (F), shutter speed, exposure correction or ISO? What sharpening type should we use in a specific situation? Why is exposure correction useful?  

I was looking forward to visit Borneo Island, which is the 3rd biggest island in the world. Since I’ve never been there before, I chose to travel with good photographer and friend of mine, Peter Bambousek, who’s been there several times and he knows local circumstances, fauna and flora.  

I was editing photos on my notebook Dell Inspiron 15 (7000) for a long time. Its 4k resolution and displaying possibilities were enough for me and I had no need to buy external monitor. Notebook’s got i7 processor of 7th generation, 16GB DDR4 RAM, SSD disc and 4GB Graphic Card GeForce GTX 1050Ti, so the performance is adequate. And then printing appeared... 

When I bought new photo aperture last year that contained second body, macro lens and most importantly Nikon 300mm f/2,8 AF-S G ED VR II, that is pretty dimensional, my former backpack LowePro Flipside 400 AW started to be pretty small. I really liked this backpack because it was comfortable even after wearing it for the whole day.  




I’ve been organizing courses of animal photographing in Czech Zoo’s, where you can learn to handle your DSLR camera quickly and effectively. You can also learn what’s incorrect composition, what should you beware of and the fact that it’s worth waiting for the right moment.


You do not like courses with a lot of people? Do you have specific requirements for a course? Do you want intensive attention for the whole day? I offer you individual photography courses and photo postproductioning in Photoshop or Zoner.


Photoshop is an equivalent for dark room, there won’t be such a photography level without postproduction, to make a photo publishable except for reporting photo.  


Do you have a dog, a cat or a horse and you would like to have their professional photos? I am offering you photography of your pets anywhere in the Czech Republic. Do not hesitate to contact me.