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Yesterday it was 5 months after I decided to change photo equipment Nikon (D810, D610, 300mm f2.8 etc.) for MILC Olympus series OM-D. Exactly in September last year I chose TOP model by Olympus, OM-D E-M1 Mark II + Olympus battery grip HLD-9 and for the beginning, following lenses and accessories:

Sneak out of my way into the rainforest of Thailand.

How do I edit photos? Photoshop and Nik collection? What precedes the publishment of my photos? You can acquaint yourself with all of that on my youtube channel....

Do you often take photos of moving objects like animals, children on sport? Are your photos often blurry? Is your focus setting on your DSLR camera correct? Let’s have a look. :)  

To edit photos I fundamentally use Photoshop in the latest version CC (Creative Cloud)... Besides standard Photoshop functions like Camera RAW (basic RAW file edition), blur effect, sharpening etc. I also use set of filters by Google Nik Collection.

Are you planning to go on a photo expedition to an exotic country? Are you planning what to take with yourself, what vaccination, what clothes? I always take following things with me.




I’ve been organizing courses of animal photographing in Czech Zoo’s, where you can learn to handle your DSLR camera quickly and effectively. You can also learn what’s incorrect composition, what should you beware of and the fact that it’s worth waiting for the right moment.


You do not like courses with a lot of people? Do you have specific requirements for a course? Do you want intensive attention for the whole day? I offer you individual photography courses and photo postproductioning in Photoshop or Zoner.


Photoshop is an equivalent for dark room, there won’t be such a photography level without postproduction, to make a photo publishable except for reporting photo.  


Do you have a dog, a cat or a horse and you would like to have their professional photos? I am offering you photography of your pets anywhere in the Czech Republic. Do not hesitate to contact me.